Disabling Blackboard's SQL Query Cache for Development

Written on May 10, 2016

By Shane Argo.

Blackboard has an API for loading SQL queries from an external file, which can be very useful. This article is not going to cover the API itself, but I will hopefully get a chance to blog about it in the future.

The API provides a number of advantages over inlining the query in your java code but, by default, the query is cached. It gets loaded once, on first use, and then cached in memory for future reuse. The introduction of this caching is one of the reasons that Blackboard now recommends a rolling restart of Blackboard after updating a building block.

This caching is a good thing, you don’t want to have to read the query from the file over and over in a production environment. (Although, it would be nice if the cache was flushed when updating a Building Block.) Having said that, it is a pain to have to restart Blackboard in a development environment just to have the query reloaded. Needless to say, this slows down development to a snails pace.

Fortunately, there is a configuration item that can be set which turns off this caching altogether.

In your development environment navigate to the config directory in the Blackboard installation home. In this directory, you’ll find a file named external-sql.properties.bb. (Make sure you are looking at the one ending in .bb). Its contents will look like this:

resource.loader=internalsql, report

# internal sql loader

# reporting loader

See that internalsql.resource.loader.cache property? That’s the one. We want to change it to false:


Now you’ll need to run tools/admin/PushConfigUpdates.sh (or tools\admin\PushConfigUpdates.bat in Windows) to persist the changes.

Of course, this means that the SQL will be loaded from the disk every time it’s needed, which is the desired effect, but clearly is not a good idea in a production environment.