Add the version from bb-manifest to your war

Written on May 26, 2014

If you’re using Gradle to build and package your Building Blocks, it’s remarkably easy to add a version number to the . war file that Gradle creates.

If you set the version property in build.gradle, like so: version=1.0.5

You’ll end up with a war file named: myproject-1.0.5.war

This seems a bit redundant when we’ve already set the version in /WEB-INF/bb-manifest.xml. So using the following snippets, you can just grab the version from bb-manifest.xml, and stuff it into the version property.

version = getB2Version()
String getB2Version() {
  File mfFile = new File(file(webAppDir), 'WEB-INF/bb-manifest.xml');
  def manifest = new XmlSlurper().parse(mfFile);
  return manifest.plugin.version['@value'];

Have a look at the JSHack Version 1 source code to see it in Action. build.gradle for JSHack, on